Frequently Asked Questions

Can 3rd-party drivers choose which orders to accept or decline? (Updated, 2/26/2022)

YES. An independent driver has the ability to preview the fare+tip before accepting / declining an order. This is something we have no control over. We do not receive anything other than our sales minus the platform's fees. We encourage you to consider the time, expense, effort a driver bares to safely deliver food to you.

Why haven't you opened your dining room? (Updated, 8/27/2023)

The COVID era had placed a hefty delay on many things including re-opening our dining area.

In the 2nd half of 2022, we were finally able to start our renovation project that we had planned prior to COVID. However, we experienced inspection delays outside of our control. Now in the 2nd half of 2023, we are finally seeing some light in moving forward with the project.

Do you require masks? (Updated, 8/27/2023)

At this time, we do not require masks. However, if you have an illness that is contagious, please consider us if you absolutely have to order in-person.

Do you have Gluten Free items? (Updated, 8/1/2021)

Gluten-Free is a continual work-in-progress for us. Our Pad Thai Noodles can be ordered without modification. Our Hibachi Fried Rice & Teppan Rice Bowl can be easily modified to Gluten-Free by just changing the soy sauce. As of 2020, we modified our Sushi sauces to use only Gluten Free components. Any sushi item containing Eel or Imitation Krab cannot be prepared Gluten Free unless those items are removed. If there is any doubt, please ask before ordering. Note: These modifications must be requested!


Do you have Vegetarian options? (Updated, 8/1/2021)

Yes, we have prepared some options and modification procedures to enable us to make some of our dishes Vegetarian and some Vegan. We assume Dairy and Eggs are acceptable for items prepared Vegetarian. Please let us know what you can and cannot consume and we will try our best to guide to meet your needs. Note: Some modifications must be requested!


How do you handle people with food allergies? (Updated, 8/1/2021)

We try to handle food allergies with the utmost care and safety. Every customer is different and we try our best to accommodate each and every customer's request. Most restaurants do not like to offer a lot of customization due to the fact that it slows down production. We will practice it and try to make it a permanent systematic process so it will eventually become normal business for our kitchen. Cross-contamination can occur in our kitchen and prep stations. For those with severe or life-threatening allergies, we do not recommend ordering our products. Proceed at your own risk!


Do you offer Alcohol? (Updated, 8/1/2021)

As of the COVID-19 pandemic, we stopped serving alcohol. We may elect to service Alcohol in the future once dine-in service is restored.


Do you offer Delivery? (Updated, 1/5/2023)

As of March 2021, we discontinued our in-house delivery service. We now offer delivery through our third-party partners, such as DoorDash.


Will you be offering some of the Thai Soups & Curries (Updated, 1/5/2023)

It's taking us a little extra time to get these items out. As of August 2021, we now offer Tom Yum, Tom Khar Soups. As for curries, we have Green, Panang, & Yellow Curries.


What is the reason for the price changes? (Updated, 9/6/2016)

"A lot has changed since we opened back in 2013. We always strive to keep our menu affordable for our customers while maintaining high quality and great customer service. Supply costs and average wages in the market have been increasing significantly in the past years. In order to hire and retain quality staff, we must also keep up with the market changes. This year's price increase will help us offer competitive wages and, in addition, include increased portions in your favorite bowls."


(Updated, 8/1/2021) Reviewing these FAQs, we realize it's been a while since this has been updated. Fast forward to 2021, the reasons for our price increases remain the same more now than ever with the Pandemic. In the past 8 years, we implemented price increases at an average of every 2-3 years. As always, we continue to strive to be fair while providing good service and quality.


Do you offer free wi-fi for your customers? (Updated, 8/1/2021)

Why YES WE DO!! In fact, we installed a dedicated AT&T U-Verse Internet line just for our customers as of July 2016. Although our dining room is currently closed, wi-fi will definitely be available when we open back up.


What type of oils do you cook with? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

We use Soybean Vegetable Oil in all of our stir-fry dishes. In some select dishes, we also use Sesame Oil and Vegetable Margarine. For our deep fryer, we use a Clear Liquid Fry Oil made from Soybean Oil.


Do you use white or dark meat chicken? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

We use all White Meat Chicken Breast in our stir-fry dishes. However, we also offer our Bone-in Wings


What type of beef do you use? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

We use USDA Choice Grade beef. We use a section of the round called "Peeled Knuckle."


What type of pork meat do you use? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

We use Lean Pork Loin in our stir-fry dishes.


Do you use peanuts or peanut products in your menu items? (Updated, 8/1/2021)

We do use peanuts in our Pad Thai and in the Fried Tofu sauce. Peanuts are packed in separate containers by default and can be requested to be left out. As we are constantly changing or adding new items to our menu, please check with our staff for the most up-to-date items with peanuts.


Do you use MSG in your food? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

Some of our items are 100% MSG free such as our Hibachi Fried Rice & Teriyaki Fried Rice. We do not add MSG to our food items; however, certain components in our sauce mixes may contain MSG or natural glutamates. As more MSG-Free & Gluten-Free products become available, we will continue to strive towards utilizing those products.


When I dine in, do I have to pick up after I finish? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

We offer an extensive menu including Sushi, so our restaurant is a mix of service levels, we are a "Quick Service Restaurant" during the ordering process, but we want you to receive full service at the table. That includes our staff serving you, checking on you, cleaning up after you, & anything in between. We realize that most of our customers are ready to eat and go, so we try to feed you and let you can get back to the things you need to take care of.


Is your restaurant family-friendly? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

Absolutely! Our restaurant is made for all ages. Our staff is trained to pickup spills or the biggest messes a kid can make, so you don't have to worry about it when you are ready to leave. Additionally, we offer playing cards and various games to keep your little ones entertained.


Are you affiliated with Hibachi Rock - Live Grill & Sushi Bar? (Updated, 10/7/2014)

Yes, there is a link. We offer the line of Hibachi Rock sushi at our restaurant. Same names, same ingredients, & same tastes!